Chef Zee knows that great food is the main ingredient in great events.

Growing up I remember standing in the kitchen doorway watching my mother cook and being fascinated by how she would grab food from the frig and the pantry and make the wonderful tasting meals. I would even get excited when she gave the duty of being her little personal assistant. One of my all time favorite dishes my mom used to make was fried apples, cooked in the cast iron skillet with some butter, cinnamon, brown sugar and vanilla extract. I remember always having sleepovers just so my friends could taste my moms delicious meals. Now keep in mind this was in the 80’s. My mom was even serving us cheese eggs and pouring warm syrup (that she heated up in a sauce pan on the stove) over top of our pancakes. When I was in high school they offered a work release program as long as you were the age of 15 & 9 months, so I decided to give this work thing a try.

I was hired by Roy Rogers Corporation and one of the employee benefits was a free meal, which at that time for a teenager was the best thing since sliced bread. My absolute favorite was the 2pc fried chicken meal and to top it off I had to have their strawberry shortcake made with a Biscuit (straight from the oven) as the base topped with a strawberry sauce & vanilla soft serve ice cream. Thank God I didn’t pack on the pounds…ahhhhhh to be young again. I lost my mom at the age 22 and 2yrs later my dad. I credit my dad for my independence and my mom for my organization skills, she always kept the house in order, nothing out of place. Never in a million years did I ever imagine that my life’s work would have been feeding thousands of people that has spanned over 2 decades. My POV (point of view) in this culinary industry is to make your first bite taste like your last. Being able to serve repeat customers on a daily basis for other people’s companies let me know I would be able to thrive

when it comes to my own business. I have put in blood, sweat and tears to get to this point in my career and there’s no turning back. Some may wonder what does Douglas & White stand for, well Douglas was my mother’s maiden name from her mother’s side of the family and later changed to White which was her father’s side of the family. It’s only right to pay homage to my mother who had an influence on my life at such an early age. I’ve come to realize that my mom was a true chef and now so am I.

Let Douglas & White Catering create a truly memorable event experience that allows you to be a guest at your event.

Because Food Is The Soul Of An Event

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